Granite Countertop Ottawa – A Classic Home Improvement

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granite countertop ottawaMake your Home Sussex Drive Worthy with Granite
Homeowners in Ottawa who are looking to bring the appearance of their home up a notch should consider installing granite countertops in their kitchens and bathrooms. Granite has become a style statement and adds a touch of class to a room.
Once only available to the elite and used in ornate sculptures like the gargoyles in the Ottawa Peace Tower, which are made of grey granite, the natural stone has become more affordable in recent years. Even though granite is still slightly more expensive than other popular man-made and natural countertop materials on the market, granite is worth the investment and is one of the most practical upgrades you can make to your home that can last a lifetime.
Why Granite Rocks
Granite is a naturally occurring matter formed from volcanic magma, composed primarily of quartz and mica and is one of the strongest natural rocks in the world next to diamonds. Given that granite is such a hard and tough stone, it has gained widespread use as a construction material for countertops. The popularity of granite counters has exploded because of its ability to:
  • Withstand extreme temperatures from pots and pans without damaging the counter surface
  • Resist scratches
  • Combat chipping and cracking
  • Ward-off stains
Another appealing feature of granite is that its sterility is only rivaled by stainless steel. As granite is a non-porous rock, it will not harbor harmful bacteria the way that some surfaces do. In fact, to clean granite, all you need is a microfiber cloth and a mild detergent. Harsh chemical cleaners will wear away at the surface of a granite counter.
Rock Out with Granite in Your Ottawa Home
Often home renovations in the kitchen especially, can take months to complete and can cause an immense disturbance to one of the most heavily used rooms in the house. However, remodeling doesn't have to be a time consuming project and you can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen with only a granite countertop.
While the kitchen counter will see more use than the bathroom vanity, granite is also a good improvement in these areas, considering how strong and sanitary the stone is. Since the bathroom countertop will be more lightly used than the kitchen, it is unlikely that it will ever need to be replaced.
Once you have decided to go with granite to jazz up your living space, there is an endless assortment of colors available and no two pieces of granite are the same. Depending on the decor of your home, some tips to help narrow the selection include:
  • go with colors that complement appliances, cabinets and flooring – the wall color is the easiest thing to change;
  • darker countertops look best in rooms that receive a lot of natural light; and
  • rustic kitchens look best with rustic color granite counters like beiges and browns.
Granite is an unparalleled investment and with a little bit of upkeep it can last forever. Transform your home with a timeless look by installing granite counters.